The Fall of AI Stocks Proves Crypto is Better

Bitcoin is proving to be a much more profitable investment than Meta

Stocks and crypto are two of the most popular investment options and both are accompanied by significant amounts of risks. Definitely, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are more volatile than stocks, and the investment returns are not always guaranteed; nevertheless, crypto investments have increased by leaps and bounds. Maybe, investors are trying to join the ongoing trend or maybe they do not really care about the volatility in the market and are ready to take whatever profits or losses the crypto market has to offer. But in a nutshell, nowadays, crypto is a more favourable choice for investment. Meanwhile, there are crypto analysts who believe that stocks would still provide more security and financial freedom to their investors than cryptocurrencies. When an investor buys a stock, they are buying shares of a publicly-traded company, which means it is backed by tangible assets. But it is also true crypto assets like Bitcoin have highlighted more growth than some of the major tech stocks like Meta platforms. 

Shares of Meta have been plummeting vigorously over the past couple of months. Meta’s stocks have had their best runs during the past two years. Its stocks fell below US$152, back in March 2020 but recovered soon enough, and had one of its biggest price rallies in 2021, since September 2021, marking the fourth quarter of the year, the stock value fell vigorously. Meta lost near about 50% of its stock value. At the time of writing this article, the value of Meta’s stocks is standing at US$200, according to Yahoo Finance. But why are Meta’s stocks plummeting so vigorously? Is this an indication that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are far better options for investments than AI stocks or stocks in general?


Why are Meta’s stocks falling?

Facebook, or Meta, is one of the biggest social media companies in the world. But its stock value is tumbling along with several other growth stocks. The company provided numbers and weekly forecasts that highlighted a downward trend in the company’s growth trajectory. So, what happened? Well, the competition heightened. Increased competition and changes in Apple’s iOS rules were cited as some of the major reasons why Meta’s stocks plummeted. Facebook investors were kind of spooked by the slow growth of stocks. Investors were mostly attracted to Meta, not because it is one of the largest companies in the world, but also because Meta is a tech stock, and generally, tech stocks project an escalated growth trend and are not expected to plummet so drastically.


Does this mean Bitcoin is a better investment choice?

Since Bitcoin’s emergence in the market, there has been tough competition between cryptocurrencies and stocks. Lately, global interests in Bitcoins have grown significantly. It has become extremely important to understand the reason behind this popularity. Bitcoin is considered better than conventional money. It is designed to offer users a unique set of advantages over other payment methods. Besides, its decentralized nature is also one of the many reasons why most investors are attracted to it. There are thousands of reasons that can be cited in favour of Bitcoin. It is quite evident that Bitcoin is a worthy investment, even during its most volatile phases.


Crypto vs stocks, which will be more suitable for you at this stage?

Any intelligent investor would know that it is crucial to weigh the risks and rewards of investing and then put their money into the most accessible asset. Both stocks and cryptocurrencies have their own drawbacks and perks. The investor’s ideal aim is to create a good financial profile, but choosing between cryptocurrencies and stocks might be difficult. The above question really depends on what the investors got to offer. Some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have soared in price, but there are several others that have failed. Quite similarly, even if Meta’s stock is failing, there are several other AI stocks that can yield much more profit. So, choose carefully!

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